About HM157


Historical Monument 157 in Lincoln Heights

Our NonProfit Mission Statement: 

• To promote music, the arts, environmental sustainability, tolerance, self-expression, and self-determination.

• To offer programs and activities for community members and creatives of every persuasion to perform, display, and experience music and art; build community connections, and develop skills.

• To educate and better our community through these efforts and provide a live/work space for our revolving cast of resident artists and activists.

HM157 – Lincoln Heights Art Space Welcomes You!

If you happen to be walking around in Lincoln Heights and peer over the front gate of 3110 N Broadway, you might see someone gardening or sitting on the porch of the funky old house. Feel free to say hello to one of the residents of (or visitors to) Historical Monument # 157, aka HM157 (also referred to as the Horace P Dibble House). If they aren’t too busy, they might show you around the busy indoor/outdoor art space.

This venerable 1886 Victorian house is on the California Historical landmark list, and over the last 12 years has become the center of the Lincoln Heights creative community, operating as a catalyst for arts and culture. Voted “Best Underground Date Night 2009” and “Best Escape From Corporate Entertainment 2010” by The LA Weekly, the space functions as a music venue, gallery, multi-purpose art space, farm, and location for public and private events, film/video/photo shoots, cinema screenings, eco-workshops, lectures, and more.

While innumerable community creative spaces across Los Angeles have risen and fallen, HM157 persists. On May 1st 2015, a horrendous fire devastated the outdoor area, two resident-artist living spaces, and three of their neighbors’ properties. With the help of a few grants, benefit shows, and online fundraising campaigns, HM157 rebuilt its spacious parking lot turned outdoor stage area, which continues to host stupendous local performers, artists, and vendors.

In addition, HM157 is a home to several resident artists, musicians, authors, builders, DJs, and a kitty cat named Garçon. Our ever-shifting collective is dedicated to the propagation of positive possibilities. We take great pleasure in bringing good stuff your way.

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