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Dubai, UAE

The different ways to clean a carpet

In Dubai it is a normal trend to have carpets in the houses and people will buy expensive carpets for making their houses look elegant and royal. With carpet you need to be more vigilant because there are a few layers of threads in them and in those layers bacteria can penetrate easily and then they will create problems for the users. The will make people sick and especially kids who pick up food particles from floor and eat them. You need to keep them clean and for that you have many options. To know about these options you need to see this:

Broom: Some people will use simple brooms to clean the surface of the carpets but there need to be special brooms which are made for carpets because floor brooms are soft and they will not do the dirt off from the carpet. Using broom is not a good option because it will not clean the underneath or the inner part of the carpet. It just cleans the surface dirt not the bacteria under it.

Vacuum: It is better than using broom because it will give a complete cleaning of the carpets and they will kill the bacteria too with proper cleaning. You have to use them on alternative days also you have to know that using broom will increase the durability of the carpet as they will keep their fur soft for long.

Wash: It is another option which is good sometimes but will be useless in some ways. When you clean the carpet by yourself then you need to know that it will take a lot of effort, material and time. If you have all these things then you can wash that but you will have to wait for few days to leave it for drying completely. On the other hand you can also hire carpet cleaning services company in Dubai who will wash them at their bigger places with proper material and machinery. They will wash it and then they also have latest techniques to dry the carpets and you will get yours in just 2 to 3 days depending upon the work load. You can also get painting contractors in Dubai. This kind of washing will help killing bacteria as they will dry it with the help of heat which is amazing in killing bacteria.