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Dubai, UAE

DIY activities for kids

Previously kids didn’t want so much attention from the adults but now they want to play and get adults being busy with them. They get bored easily while playing the same game over and over so they need to have more activities. Dubai kids’ activities should also have the part of learning so that they can learn different things while playing. You can help them in learning outdoor games or get them enrolled in the camps for different games like volleyball for beginners or you can help them in playing at home. There are many activities which can be done by using some tricks of DIY and bigger kids will enjoy them more especially when they get the end result they will feel confident and proud. To get some ideas about these DIYs, you can see this:

DIY bells: This is a very easy thing to do as there are only a few things needed and after completion these can be hung at the front door to appreciate your kids. You just need a twig which can be taken from your backyard, a vibrant colored floss which should be thick so that it won’t break easily, some beads to decorate that and small bells to make them audible. Then your kid is all set to start, you can ask them if they want to add some more items to it. Take the twig and clean it from excess dirt then wrap it with the floss. No need to wrap it with too much accuracy but it must be tight so that twig will not slip away. Then eave the floss longer than the twig and add beads to it. At the end of the floss add bell and then hang to get an amazing music with breeze.

DIY stone: This is amazing keep sake for your kids and you has to encourage then to do this art work. It will only need three things stones, paint and brush. Clean the stones with water and soap so that you can easily paint them. Take different paints but first you have to decide what you are going to make. After that take your brushes use the imagination and draw what you want. To make it interesting you can draw different things on stones; align then to create a story out of them.