Facts About BMW

We all love fast cars, we mean who does like slow cars anyway! Unless you are on a date or if someone is not feeling very well or yet the person sitting in the car is scared of fast driving. If you are fan of fast cars then we are sure, you are a fan of BMW as well.

BMW is short for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. It is very hard to pronounce because it is in German and that also means that it is a German company that manufactures cars and motor cycles as well.

You will be amazed to know that this company is more than hundred years old because it was founded in 1916 and before manufacturing cars and motor cycles, it manufactured aircrafts and parts of it.

So, you can well understand that how and why they manufacture fast cars. They are so fast that even in the Hollywood action car movies, most heroes and robbers have kept a BMW for different purposes, so, we can say that this company should win an Oscar too.

Its headquarters is in Munich and its revenue in 2019 is 105 billion, it is hard to guess how many zeros are there in such figure and they have employed over 133,778 employees around the world. Its founders are;

  • Karl Rapp
  • Camilio Castiglioni
  • Gustav Otto
  • Franz Josef Popp

If you are about to buy BMW car then first of all congratulations and secondly, you should know about its facts as well. Because knowing much about your favorite brand is a part of fan stardom. That is why we have prepared a list of facts about BMW service in Dubai, Porsche service center in Abu Dhabi and the main facts about BMW as well, keep reading to find out more;

  1. Like we said before that the company manufactured aircraft but they manufactured aircraft for world war 1 and world war 2 and fortunately when the wars ended, the company had to do something. So, in 1929, they manufactured their first batch of bike and going from two wheeler to four wheeler was easy for them.
  2. We always are fascinated to know that what was the very first car of such big car brand names. And you will be shocked to know that the very first car that BMW released was named as Dixi and it was copies by the English Austin, Japanese Datsun and the American as Bantum.