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Facts About The British Language

There are many languages in this world and there are some super genius people in the world that have learned more than 10 languages. Did you know to become a spy, you must know more than one language locally and more than one language internationally?

So, if anyone ever wanted to become a spy, he or she can become one and now you know how. Every country has its national language and if you are travelling to another country then it is suggested that you learn some words of that language.

You must be wondering that in every country around the world, everyone knows English and you can communicate with them in English as well so why would anyone want to waste money on learning a new language?

Well, the reason to learn it because people feel happy that one is struggling to fit in and you will be happy to know that if you learn their language, you can get discounts at the hotels or different shops as well.

Some people are bilingual, trilingual or a multilingual and they take many benefits from it and some have even become the best British voice over artist and they have done some of the most famous voice over for documentary.

if you want to become a British voice over artist but you don’t know where to start then we suggest that you learn about the British language first and that can easily be done by reading our interesting facts on British language, keep reading to know more;

The letter E: you will be shocked to know that the letter e is mostly used in English words. You can say that in every 8 out of 10 words, this letter is used.

The letter S: the letter e is in every word but the pure British language contains words that mostly starts with S.

The shortest sentence; have you ever wondered that what is the shortest sentence in an English language? It is ‘I am’.

The sentence with most Es: the following sentence is said to have the most Es and a kind of sentence that makes sense ‘he believed Caesar could see people seizing the seas.’

Sentence with every letter in it: the sentence that has every a to z letter in it is ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ and this sentence is called the pangram.