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Dubai, UAE

General instructions for photocopiers

Photocopier suppliers in Dubai are present at different places for the ease of general public and they can easily get the photocopier from them. Normally educational institutes and book shops will buy them but sometimes different household people will also get them for their ease. To buy you need to know about the Canon photocopier price in UAE and then you can easily get the best one while keeping yourself in the budget you have in your bank. After getting the photocopier you need to operate it carefully and here are some of the instructions for you to follow:

First you need to plug in your photocopier machine with the electric socket and then you have to put the papers in that. There are different options for you to add to the machine and you can add the size which you like and which your machine can accept. Then you have to see that the paper quantity should be according to the limit written on the machine, if you put too many in that then it will not work properly.

If your machine has a setting to print out colored copies then you can choose the option between colored or black and white otherwise there will be only black and white prints on the paper. If you are working on a project for which you need to have colored copies only then you have to get that one because they are expensive than the black and white photocopiers.

There is a lid on the top of the machine which you to lift up in order to put your paper there. You need to keep the paper straight and without wrinkles if you need your photocopy to be clear and without any lines. Only place the papers which the machine has capacity to print at a time. For the ease of the users almost all the machines have guiding marks to keep the paper straight, you have to take care of those marks. After setting papers carefully you need to lower down the lid.

After that you have to select the number of copies you need. It is a great comfort that you don’t need to reset the paper again and again, you just have to select the number an then you will get the desired number of copies after pressing Enter.