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Dubai, UAE

Importance of financial statements

We cannot describe in words what role financial statements play for businesses. Financial statements determine the financial condition of a business and where they currently stand. It is needed not only for transactions and debts, but it is also necessary when looking back at the statements and collecting receipts. Here is some importance of financial statements:

  • Financial transparency

It is something very important when you look back at all the transactions made because the assets when bought are in a different value as opposed to their price when sold. This financial statement would include everything ranging from the investments to profits earned and how much is in debt. Number play a major role which is why even the slightest change in digit could mess up the whole figure and outcome. Financial statements help in keeping the track of it all.

  • Calculating tax

Running a business always means you will have to pay a hefty amount of tax which can be a serious trouble to calculate at the end if the statements are there to help us and guide us through all the transactions which were made along the way. Sometimes in tax disputes there is an urgent need of all the financial statements and documentations to prove from your side and this is when you statements can come in handy, so never take that all lightly.

  • Correct errors or miscalculations

Sometimes when you combine the charts and figures you find out that some part of it is missing or miscalculated because the sum is not what you initially expected it to be in such times, financial statements can be there to save you. This is the reason that account department goes over and over at a certain number and keeps rechecking so that all the problems are eliminated before the final draft is calculated.

  • Trust

Business is a risky matter and the kind in which you would never trust anyone. If you are someone who manages international transactions as well then we believe there must be a dire need of commercial translation, legal translation and translation of financial statements as when the statements aren’t readable or understandable in local language you will surely be frustrated at the figures. Financial statements help in building trust amongst one another to prove loyalty. They should never be ignored.