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Dubai, UAE

Types of Car Tinting

Car tinting in Dubai is crucial for some of us living in sunny places around the world like Dubai where it’s bright and sunny all year round. We have to drive and get to places while ensuring we don’t blind ourselves in the process this is where car tinting comes in handy. You can decide the level of darkness you’d want your widows to be done to as not everyone wants pitch-black windows were just looking at cars nearby while driving becomes a challenge along with the paint protection in Dubai.

  1. Dyed window tinting: this is an affordable alternative this blocks sunlight by using multiple layers of dye. It absorbs solar heat and prevents it from reaching you inside your vehicle. Although the reason this is a cheap alternative is because it doesn’t block sunlight out as well.
  2. Metalized window tinting: this filters heat from entering your vehicle by reflecting it cool right? The films in these protectors are made with tiny pieces of metallic particles. This not only prevents sunlight but also strengthens your window and the shatter resistance increases significantly after this procedure. You can easily identify this kind of window tinting because of how shiny it is.
  3. Hybrid window tinting: this isn’t just one type of window tinting this consists of dye and metallic particles. These types of films give you privacy and blackout a decent amount of UV rays and sunlight allowing you to open your eyes freely while driving.
  4. Carbon window tint film: this has a unique matte finish making quite attractive meanwhile blocking out 40% of the IR radiations because of the carbon content. Unlike dyed tinting, this doesn’t fade away after a while.
  5. Crystalline tinting: people often want to get their windows tinted but don’t want them darkened. If that’s what you’re looking for as well crystalline tinting is the best one for you, it blocks out ultraviolet radiations and solar heat without your windows without darkening them.
  6. Ceramic window tinting: as the name suggests these contain ceramic particles, it’s on the expensive side of things but proven its worth. It can block up to 50% of solar heat without affecting visibility.