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Types of Stamps for your Business

Paperwork is a part of daily routine life. People spend so much time to organize paperwork. However, technology makes it easier for all paperwork to maintain. Something still needs to require getting finish with a human touch. For any paperwork will get authentic after the company mark. One-word stamps, in which the stamp is a tool that makes the process of legitimizing a piece of paperwork considerably easier.

Why do we need stamps?

Signature takes a lot of time to scribble on the bulk of the paper. Sitting with stamp and cut down the time as well as efforts are taken. Easily file the papers and press the stamp. Apart from the authorizing the paperwork many other points to use a stamp. Many types of stamps are using for official purposes.

Wax Stamp

Wax stamps are using as a symbol of royalty. Seals are using normally to mark military and royal orders. They were used to symbolize the authority of the monarch or nobility. Seals were usually made of metal and it carried a variety of symbols on it. These kinds of seal they were used in ancient time.

Leather stamp

The leather stamp is also made of some type of metal and wooden or metallic handle. The leather can be used when it is tanned and dampened with water. The seal is struck with a mallet to make an impression it makes by leather. Lather get dries once the impression has been done. The leather needs to treat with oil then the impression gets long-lasting. The leather stamp would be used in tanneries as well as factories where leatherwork is done. The stamp can be used anywhere in the process of adorning anything with leather.

Rubber Stamp

The most common stamp is using nowadays. Vulcanized rubber is used to make a rubber stamp. Vulcanized rubber is using to make any shape and symbol required. The sheet is then mounted on a base of plastic or wood or brick block. Before vulcanized rubber, wood was curved to make these kinds of stamps. For rubber stamp ink is required to apply to mark any stamp. The ink selection has been depending on the type of stamp you want to make it. You can find rubber stamp is mostly in offices, educational institutions.

Self-Linking Stamp

That one is the easiest stamp, self-inking stamp, the rubber stamp, and the ink pad are inside the stamping machine itself. The ink is reaching the stamp once the machine pressed the sealed. These kinds of stamps are available everywhere.

A variety of company stamps in Dubai are available, it completely depends on your choice and type of purpose what kind of stamp you want to use. For more information, view it here.