Charon Noguess

Charon Nogues ( Maiden Name Kivel )

Charon was born in Port Huron, Michigan December 14Th 1969… Her father Reverend Daniel Martin Kivel was an adhesive chemist by trade & a poet by nature.. he became a Spiritualist minister later in life. Her mother was very crafty & artistic, a wonderful homemaker & a hard-working night nurse. Charon’s formative years we’re punctuated by Punk Rock & running away to southern CA on a one-way bus at the tender age of 17.

She served at restaurants & tended bar in both Long Beach & San Francisco, where she met Reid Maxwell & gave birth to Jude Baron Maxwell Sep 25Th 2000. Before Jude was born, Charon was part of four girl theatrical event production team with her best friend Julia Martin, called “Blood & Butter productions” mainly working out of places like Beauty Bar, Cafe Du Nord & the Blue Bar at the Black Cat in North Beach.

In the early 2000’s she helped Julia Martin create nitespa in Venice CA. ( )

In 2004 she married the love of her life architect designer Gaston Nogues ( )
& gave birth to her second son Daniel Sebastian March 29Th 2010.

In late 2007 she Co-founded HM157 with Reid Maxwell & his then fiancée Johanna Zuckerman .

Historical Monument # 157 on the California landmark list was erected in 1886.
It took a number of months and talented collaborators to transform the former 1980’s Century 21 real estate office linto the funky olde San Francisco style artistic Mecca that it is today ..
HM157 is mainly recognized as a music venue, but if asked what Charon is most proud of production wise, it would be the hands-on permaculture skill building workshops with genius practitioners like inventor Ray Cirino , Mark Lakeman & City Repair the healing with medicinal plants lead by Chumash medicine woman Cecilia Garcia Fungi education with LA Mushroom Co-op
The community square dances with caller Cory Marie Podielski or Susan Michels + string band Triple Chicken foot..
the Silent film nights w/ live score & prolific sonic-visualist Nora Keyes
And the the Jack Curtis Dubowsky orchestra

HM157 has hosted 1000’s of awe inspiring music oriented happenings over the years.. most notable was Michael Yonkers last live performance with the Blind Shake

The Centimeters

The Fancy Space People

Quintron as the Winter Warlock

Zolar X

Bob Log 111

Geneva Jacuzzi

Angelo Moore of Fishbone

Rachel Mason

Kim Fowley

Resident artists
L.A Drones

& countless others ..

November 30Th 2017, Charon Nogues flew back to her birthplace with youngest son Daniel Nogues. She now resides in the Eastside of Detroit where she aims to fully utilize all she has learned from running HM157 & expand upon the dreams & ideas there. She views Detroit as a the most beautiful place in the world, with limitless potential for families, visionary artists & entrepreneurs.
In addition to the bountiful supply of inexpensive space begging to be restored and reincarnated in which to thrive .. it’s the inspiring people that exemplify the DIY spirit, who have endured the hardships for decades & fought hard to keep Detroit alive & create opportunity for the young ones…

Stay tuned for the outcome of collaborations with Ann Marie Lambert & her husband Gaston Nogues in 2018.

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