Neil Martinson

Known for his live music series SMiLE! Presents and for running SF’s legendary Vortex Room, this dapper impresario has enjoyed the last 3 years as a resident entity at HM157. Whether introducing you to beautiful live music or coaxing you to cut a rug with a vinyl collection that encompasses psych / soul / glam / funk / prog / fusion / disco and more, Neil is generally to be found among the people, striving to create a lively and festive atmosphere. He avoid fisticuffs and intoxicants, preferring lucid, civilized discussion, finds life to be essentially and profoundly mysterious, and doesn’t believe there is one right way to view any paradox. He also helps book and cohost the weekly phantasmagoria that is Hushe Clubbe with Don Bolles and Nora Keyes every Wednesday at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake.

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