Things you must know about Wills

A will is a piece of paper which holds the information about how the property be distributed after the death of a person according to his or her wishes. Assets which are pass on as inheritance may include items such as jewelry, real estate, vehicles and family heirlooms or cash. Expats living in Dubai can make a will to distribute their property according to their wishes but certain rules are to be followed under the Sharia.

If a non-Muslim expat registers for a will, the Sharia laws will not apply to them and their estates located in Dubai. The registry makes sure to have the process done as smooth as possible for which they work closely with the land department and make sure to assist all their expats. A person can even appoint temporary or permanent guardian for their children if they are younger than 18 years of age. Anyone who owns property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can register for a will with a court in Dubai to make sure their possessions do not end up in the wrong hands. If you live in another emirate and do not have any property then the public notary will make a will for you, although it is advised that people get their wills made from their home country as the notary in Dubai may or may not be aware of the specifications according to one’s home country’s law or religion.

If a person do not prepare a will before their death then their assets will be distributed according to the law of that country or their religion. If a Muslim dies without preparing a will, then their wealth or assets are distributed according to Sharia. This law may or may not apply to properties located outside of United Arab Emirates. The judge of Dubai has the right to abide by the laws and regulations of the deceased person’s country. The court in Dubai have the power to freeze your assets and appoint guardians if any children are left behind until the assets are distributed among the legal heirs – in case of not having a will after a person’s death.

If a person is a resident of Dubai and intends to prepare a will then you can check the website here if you want legal advice. Wills in Dubai can be made in front of witnesses if you are currently residing there.