Risk Factors Associated With Angina

Angina is a pathologic heart condition due to coronary artery disease. This is among the leading cause of death nowadays. Following are its risk factors, and by controlling the modifiable risk factors people could save themselves from such painful condition that needs to be treated at the best hospital in Dubai.


Family history:

Any family history of heart issue like angina is going to increase the occurrence in the offspring by twofold as genes have a direct impact on such things.

Age and gender:

With increasing age the chances are going to enhance for any heart disease like angina and secondly it’s chances are higher in male as compared to females.

Chronic stress:

If a person have a habit of taking too much stress in every scenario then he is at higher risk of developing such type of heart diseases. Hence if a person is doing so then he is going to harm himself.


Smoking-complete cessation:

Smoking is a root cause of many major diseases. It have a direct effect in reducing heart blood supply as it will effect the blood vessels adversely.

Blood pressure control:

A person at higher risk of heart diseases must keep a routine check on blood pressure and should make sure that their blood pressure is not exceeding the normal range. Such people could control their blood pressure by simple home remedies or taking medication if necessary.

Blood cholesterol management:

High cholesterol is an issue of every second person nowadays. So such people should make sure to avoid any excess oil and fatty food. They must follow a healthy diet plan through which they are going to maintain their high cholesterol levels within normal ranges.

 Physical activity:

Physical activity is very important for everyone as practicing such routine daily will ultimately bring a number of positive changes in a person’s life. Physical activity is very useful in keeping your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body weight under control.

Weight management:

If a person’s weight is too much then he/she must follow some daily exercises and a healthy diet plan in order to reduce some of their weight as increased weight is a root cause of a number of diseases especially the heart diseases.

Diabetes control:

A person should consume a limited quantity of sugar in order to maintain their glucose level in blood and if the person is diabetic then he/she must monitor their sugar level on daily basis so that they could keep themselves safe from a number of problems.

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