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Types of eating disorders

In this world everyone is battling against something which others do not know about and when these people fail to cope with these battles then they will go in to different kinds of mental issues. There is a common type of problem is the eating disorder that many people have and also there are different kinds of these disorders which vary in different people. Along with these problems there is also eating disorder treatment available and it works best when the person is also willing to fight against this disorder and wants to live a healthy life. If you want to know about the different types then you have to click here now:

The most common and well known type of this disorder is that in which the person perceives himself as an overweight person and they do not want to eat normal amount of diet which is necessary to survive that’s why most of these people go under weight and even then they think they need to lose weight. They have a constant eye on their diet and see how much calories they are taking each day.

There is another common type of problem in which the person will not stop eating unless it seriously starts hurting them because of too much over eating. There are some episodes of this condition and in each episode the person will eat a lot of food without realizing the after effects of it and they can’t even control themselves. After getting a lot of food and painful stomach then these people start doing things to normalize their calories in which they do vomit forcefully or use laxatives to get rid of the extra food or they go for intense exercise.

This is another common type which is relevant to the above but in this the person will not do the calorie restriction or do not use measures to drop down the calories they have taken. They can’t control themselves from eating but after that they do not do something to maintain their weight that’s why these people are obese and their weight tend to increase with every single episode of this eating disorder. After gaining too much weight they will then prone too many other diseases which are very lethal such as high cholesterol level and diabetes along with the heart problems.